Ace and Amir


Gregory Ace and Jon Amir are a DJ duo originating from the city of Los Angeles,CA. They have DJ’d, promoted, and thrown events in the cities of Hollywood, Pasadena, Los Angeles, and Glendale. With a group of devoted fans who follow and enjoy their energy and devotion, the dance floors come to life anywhere they spin.  These two Djs are dedicated to their craft and have a universal sound that everyone can enjoy. While they do not compromise their style of house music, they manage to captivate the dance floor in the same way big names in the industry do. This is mostly due to the fact that they are massive fans themselves who have attended many events, and clubs, in Southern California and Las Vegas, Nevada. They consider themselves part of the masses and egos are checked at the door. House music is the fire that fuels their lives and they love to share this passion with people who feel the same. Having a great night is the first priority for this DJ duo. They crave high energy dance floors, people singing along to the songs, dancing, drinking, partying, and everything that comes with having a great night! While many DJs claim the above statements, and many DJs may promise even more.  There is only one way to know if Ace and Amir can deliver. Book them at your next event and see for yourself what these two house heads can do!